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Creative Wanderings Artisan Soaps and Body Care

Manchurian Dragon

Manchurian Dragon

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Unleash your inner dragon with this exquisite goat milk glycerin soap. Experience a fruity paradise with a long-lasting scent. From the invigorating top notes of tangy pineapple and succulent peach to the enchanting blend of citrusy orange, every use will transport you to a world of indulgence. As you continue your journey, the intoxicating mid notes of delicate rose, woody violet, and spicy carnation will envelop you in a heavenly aura. The finale of indulgent vanilla cream, deep oak moss, and sweet musk will leave you feeling pampered and renewed.


Ingredients; goats milk glycerin base, fragrance oil, colourant 


All soaps range in size from 3.75-4 ounces (106 gr-113gr) and are hand cut and handcrafted in small batches. This means soap tops, unique-color and style may vary from batch to batch!

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